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Having tea creates a special opportunity to spend quality time with family, friends, and associates. All About Tea® workshops and programs provide an entertaining way to learn about tea and practice proper etiquette in social or business situations. Antique tea items and new tea accessories are demonstrated in their use of preparing tea. Learn how to make a perfect pot of Green, Oolong, and Black Tea. Learn why incorrectly prepared tea is bitter and properly prepared tea is enjoyed throughout the world.

Afternoon Tea

Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, started the tradition known as afternoon tea. It progressed from a simple drink with jam and bread, to a full afternoon tea consisting of dainty sandwiches, scones, and desserts.

High Tea

This substantial meal was called a “Meat Tea” during World War II. It is served in the evening and consists of heartier foods than those served at an afternoon tea.

Points to Ponder

These questions and many more are answered by your Certified Tea Etiquette Consultant, Cyrilla Gleason, trained by the Protocol School of Washington (DC).

Tea Etiquette Programs are a fun, relaxed and informative way to learn all about tea and an afternoon tea follows.